2024 Rotax Nordic Challenge

In 2024 we´ll see you all again in the always exciting Rotax Nordic Challenge

31.05-01.06 1st Race Šiauliai / Lithuania

26-27.07 2nd Race  (TBA) / Estonia

16-17.08 3rd Race (TBA) / Latvia

2024 Test days

Rotax representative of Baltic States and AGS Racing Team organize test days and participation of Rotax competitions in Spain and Belgium in 2024 winter:


20-24.02 Tests – Valencia / Spain
27.02-02.03 Tests – Valencia / Spain
05-10.03 Tests ja race– Campillos / Spain (Rotax Wintercup)
02-04.04 Tests – Genk / Belgium
05-07.04 Race – Genk / Belgium (BNL Rotax Series I)
10-14.04 Tests ja race – Genk / Belgium (Rotax Euro Trophy I)

The organizer offers competitive karts (complete chassis + Rotax engine), drivers coaching, data analysis and necessary tools and place in the team tent. Ask for offer!


For more information please contact e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2023 Rotax Nordic Challenge

Rotax Nordic Challenge 2023 - The exact tracks will be revealed in the near future.

12-13.05 Race 1 / Lithuania

21-22.07 Race 2 / Latvia

18-19.08 Race 3 / Estonia 


The last stage of the Rotax Estonian Championship will take place this Friday and Saturday at the Tabasalu karting track, where the winners of the Rotax Grand Finals tickets will be announced.

PS. Rotax Junior ja Rotax Senior classes will race with MOJO tyres in the last stage.


2022 Rotax Nordic Challenge 3.round

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Last change to register ▶️  https://www.rotax-ems.com/est

Timetable and race regulations ▶️ http://rotax.ee/et/kalender/311-rotax-nordic-challenge-2022.html

See you all  at Kandava track! ???? ???? ????




2022 Rotax Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Championship calendar is now available in the "CALENDAR" view

Rotax Estonia Championship 2022

Good news for Rotax drivers!


In 2022, the Estonian Championship title will be awarded again in all Rotax classes.

Winners of the Rotax Minimax, Junior and DD2 classes will also receive a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals in Portimao, Portugal.


Sporting and technical regulations in English will be published soon.




 Rotax Nordic Challenge flaier


Rotax Nordic Challenge 2022 will be raced in 3stages.

All class winners will be awarded a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals 2022 in Portimao, Portugal.


The Rotax Nordic Challenge calendar 2022 is follows:

1st stage: 03.06 - 04.06, Šiauliai, Lithuania

2nd stage: 22.07 - 23.07, Aravete, Estonia

3rd stage: 19.08 - 20.08, Kandava, Latvia



Rotax Nordic Challenge logo

The third stage of Rotax Nordic Challenge takes place 20-21 August at Kandava track!

Online registration here.

Race regulations and timetable

The opening round of the 2021 Rotax Nordic Challenge was held in Aravete

The opening round of the 2021 Rotax Nordic Challenge is now behind us! 

We were delighted to see talented drivers from 8 different countries make their way to Aravete and race for a ticket to the 2021 Rotax Grand Finals.

Track conditions were excellent and drivers were smashing track records thanks to the high amount of grip on the circuit.
But although the laptimes were faster than ever, the rubbered-in track proved to be a challenge for many. Such high grip levels combined with the scorching heat pushed even the most experienced drivers to their physical limit.
From the rising stars in Micromax all the way to the seasoned veterans in DD2 Masters, the racing was close and exciting in all classes. This time, the drivers who took the podium steps were:

1. Nikita Ljubimov (EST)
2. Majus Mazinas (LT)
3. Oliver Söönurm (EST)

1. Dovydas Gudelevicius (LT)
2. Toms Strele (LV)
3. Roberts Purmalis (LV)

1. Tomass Stolcermanis (LV)
2. Edgars Vilcans (LV)
3. Arturs Danilevskis (LV)

1. Ruben Volt (EST)
2. Hugo Arendi (EST)
3. Alexander Abkhazava (GE)

1. Patriks Noels Locmelis (LV)
2. Ragnar Veerus (EST)
3. Matiss Malinovskis (LV)

1. Henrys Grube (LV)
2. Priit Sei (EST)
3. Ilja Aloskins (LV)

The second round of the Nordic Challenge will take place on the 23rd and 24th of July in Anykščiai, Lithuania, so mark your calendars and we'll see you there!

Updates to the timetable and race regulations for the 1. round of the 2021 Nordic Challenge

The race regulations for the 1st round of the 2021 Nordic Challenge have been updated with a bulletin that details the procedure of renting exhaust systems for Micromax and Minimax classes.

The timetable has also been updated to show the times of rental for Micromax and Minimax on Friday.

Read the new bulletin here and the updated timetable here.

An addition to the 2021 Rotax Max engine technical specifications

A bulletin was added to the specifications of the Rotax Max Senior and DD2 engines. The changes have to do with a new optional cylinder protection plate that can be fitted to protect the cylinder from wear.

Read the bulletin here