An addition to the 2021 Rotax Max engine technical specifications

A bulletin was added to the specifications of the Rotax Max Senior and DD2 engines. The changes have to do with a new optional cylinder protection plate that can be fitted to protect the cylinder from wear.

Read the bulletin here


For this year’s Rotax Nordic Challenge series, the Rotax Grand Finals tickets will be awarded to the winners of the following competition classes:

Rotax Micromax
Rotax Minimax
Rotax Junior
Rotax Senior
Rotax DD2
Rotax Masters

Although the current situation with COVID-19 is not ideal, we hope to hold the Nordic Challenge series according to the following schedule:

Race 1 18.06-19.06 Aravete/Estonia
Race 2 23.07-24.07 Anykščiai/Lithuania
Race 3 20.08-21.08 Kandava/Latvia

The Rotax Sporting and Technical Regulations will be announced in the near future.


Calendars for the 2021 Rotax Estonian, Latvian and Lihtuanian Challenges

Rotax Nordic Challenge logo

2021 Rotax Estonian Challenge calendar

  • 1. stage:  14-15.05 Rapla
  • 2. stage: 11-12.06 Aravete
  • 3. stage: 18-19.06 Aravete (with Rotax Nordic Challenge)
  • 4. stage: 30-31.07 Põltsamaa
  • 5. stage. 27-28.08 Tabasalu

2021 Rotax Latvian Challenge calendar:
  • 1. stage: 29.05.
  • 2. stage: 26.06
  • 3. stage: 17.07
  • 4. stage: 07.08
  • 5. stage: 21.08
  • 6. stage: 18.09

2021 Rotax Lithuanian Challenge calendar

  • Season opener: 18.04
  • 1. stage: 05.08
  • 2. stage: 05.06
  • 3. stage: 03.07
  • 4. stage: 22.07 (with Rotax Nordic Challenge)
  • 5. stage: 14.08
  • 6. stage: 11.09
  • Autumn Cup: 09.10

The 2021 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals head to Bahrain!

The Rotax Max Challenge heads to the Bahrain International Karting Circuit in Sahkir for this year's 2021 RMC Grand Finals, taking place from December 3rd-11th.


 Rotax Nordic Challenge logo

Rotax Nordic Challenge 2021 will be raced in 3stages.

The Rotax Nordic Challenge calendar 2021 is follows:

1st stage: 18.06 - 19.06, Estonia

2nd stage: 23.07 - 24.07, Lithuania

3rd stage: 20.08 - 21. 08, Latvia



Kart Baltic Group OÜ the Rotax official representative in Baltic States is announcing the contest for finding new Rotax Service center in Latvia territory.

Participants taking part of this contest have to send their written application in free format to the official representative of Rotax in Baltic states the latest 15.12.2019 to the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all participants of the competition will be sent the conditions of participation.

One new service center in the territory of Latvia will be selected from all eligible candidates, results will be published no later than 07.01.2020 on the Kart Baltic Group official webpage:

If you need more information about this contest please do not hesitate to call directly to Guido Allmere +372 5065609



For the next season, 2020, there will be new engine parts for Micromax and Minimax engines.

For more information and ordering please contact your Rotax service center.

Ordering from 5 of November, first come first serve.

Detailed information on new parts from this link.




From January 2018, engine's accessory box does not include battery because the batteries can not be charged regularly when staying in the closed accessory box. All Rotax engines come without battery starting from January 2018.


If you have a complaint, failure appears or need any information about warranty of your Rotax engine, please contact your Service Center where you have bought engine or spare parts. Rotax warranty is available only if engine is sealed in time failure happens and is sealed by authorized Service Center. For more information, please contact your Service Center. You can find our Service Centers contacts from 

Advanced cylinder manufacturing technology for Rotax 125 MAX and Rotax 125 MAX DD2 engines sets new standards in engine parity

Gunskirchen, November 20, 2017 – The same cylinder manufacturing technology successfully applied to the Rotax 125 Junior MAX engine during the 2017 racing season also proved positive for the engine parity during the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2017 in the Rotax 125 MAX and 125 MAX DD2 classes.

Since the introduction of the advanced technology for the Rotax Micro MAX, Mini MAX and Junior MAX cylinders, the market has demanded more equality on all Rotax karting engines. In order to meet cus- tomer requirements, this advanced cylinder technology is now used for the entire Rotax MAX engine se- ries.

The Grand Finals were the perfect venue to prove the new setup. More than 50 drivers qualified in each class within a second, making the races closer than ever.

The technical specifications of the cylinders remain unchanged but the digitally printed, single piece sand cores in combination with an additional Computer Numeric Control (CNC) of specific ports brings parity to the next level.

BRP-Rotax is convinced that the introduction of this new manufacturing technology is another important step towards equal opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Limited Time Introductory Offer – 50% off the regular 2018 retail price – please contact your Rotax ser- vice center/dealer for details and availability.